Warranty & Aftersales

When you purchase a lawnmower from RES, we register your warranty with the manufacturer and ensure your mower is professionally assembled. This means that you can start using your mower on day one, with complete peace of mind and assurance that it’s covered by the manufacturer warranty.

The warranty period varies based on the particular model purchased, but many lawnmowers include an exceptional 5-year warranty offer. To qualify for an extended warranty period, you simply need to have your lawnmower serviced annually at RES Tractors. If you prefer not to service your mower annually with us, you will still be eligible for the standard warranty period, which is typically 1 year.

As well as receiving a fully assembled lawnmower, with warranty registered, RES also offer an exceptional aftersales service. We provide competitively priced servicing and in the rare event your lawnmower suffers a fault or malfunction, we have a service team ready to assist 5-days per week. We also stock a large range of mower accessories and service parts in our store in Harby.

To learn more about the benefits of buying your new lawnmower from RES, contact our friendly team on 01949 861615.